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Re: Specializing Functions with Currying

by stvn (Monsignor)
on Aug 06, 2004 at 14:17 UTC ( #380554=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Specializing Functions with Currying

Another favorite higher order function of mine is right curry:

sub rcurry { my ($f, @args) = @_; return sub { $f->(@_, @args) }; } *company_name = &rcurry(\&wrap_with_html, "FoxTrotUniform Inc."); print company_name('B'); print company_name('I'); print company_name('H1');
And these are nice function builders from Dylan.
sub conjoin { my ($f, $f2) = @_; return sub { $f->(@_) && $f2->(@_) } } sub disjoin { my ($f, $f2) = @_; return sub { $f->(@_) || $f2->(@_) } } *company_name_better = disjoin( conjoin( sub { return 1 if scalar @_ == 0 }, curry(\&company_name, 'H1') ), \&company_name ); print company_name_better('B'); print company_name_better();
And of course, if you really want to make your head spin, there is always combinators.


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