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How do I strip lines prefixed by a "#"

by Coplan (Pilgrim)
on Oct 25, 2000 at 07:22 UTC ( #38279=categorized question: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
Contributed by Coplan on Oct 25, 2000 at 07:22 UTC
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Let's assume that I have a text file with the following format:
# This is a commented line # blah blah blah :data :data
Well, I've been able to read the file into a scaler. Now i'd like to strip all the comment lines (prefixed by "#") out of the scaler before I move on and do anything else. For the sub routine, I am useing the following code:
sub get_info { my $infile = "template.dsc"; open (INFILE, "$infile") || die "Broken: $!"; my $content; while (<INFILE>) { $content .= $_; }; # Remove Comments? close (INFILE); return $content; };
Please help me get rid of that unwanted data (but I need to keep it in the text file for the idiots who use it).

Answer: How do I strip lines prefixed by a
contributed by runrig

Simplest is to:

while (<INFILE>) { next if /^#/; # or next if substr($_,0,1) eq '#'; $content .= $_; };
Answer: How do I strip lines prefixed by a
contributed by Fastolfe

Generally when I'm reading files that have the potential for comments or blank lines, a simple regular expression or two does the trick:

while (<DATA>) { s/\s#.*//; next unless /\S/; do_something($_); } __DATA__ # This is my file # with a few lines of comments data=here # another comment more=data # more comments and=more # end of file
Answer: How do I strip lines prefixed by a
contributed by Anonymous Monk

Use grep:

@code_lines = grep !/^#/, @all_lines;

The above code is taken directly from the Camel head book.

Answer: How do I strip lines prefixed by a
contributed by pppaulll

This bypasses lines where # is in column 1 and blank lines.

STLOAD: foreach $line (<INFILE>) { chomp $line; $line_header = substr($line, 0, 1); # Ignore comments (#) and blank lines # including 0-n spaces. if ($line_header eq '#' || $line =~ /^ *$/) { next STLOAD; } elsif ($line_header eq '@') { # Specifies: targ host, path, file $ts_cnt ++; if ($ts_cnt > 1) ...
Answer: How do I strip lines prefixed by a
contributed by runrig

Another option:

my $infile = "template.dsc"; open (INFILE, "$infile") || die "Broken: $!"; my $content; read INFILE, $content, -s INFILE; $content =~ s/^#.*//m; close INFILE; ...
Answer: How do I strip lines prefixed by a
contributed by tachyon

perl -pi.bak -e 's/^#.*\n//' <file>

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