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We've missed you at Perl Monks

by vroom (Pope)
on Feb 23, 2000 at 01:15 UTC ( #3889=mail: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Hi there! You created an account at over a month ago, and
if our records serve us correctly you haven't bothered to log in yet.
Quite frankly, we're hurt.  We thought this was going to be the beginning
of a beautiful relationship.  We might be able to find it in our hearts
to forgive you if you log in soon -- say within two weeks.  Otherwise,
we're just going to delete your account and someone else can take your
username.  If that happens, we'll never bother you again, and we can go
our separate ways.  

We'd love it if you came back. There have been a lot of changes while you
were gone!

You can log in at
Your username is: <user>
Your password is: <passwd>

Thanks, and have a nice day! 
Your friends,

   the management @

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[stevieb]: ...on request. There's some supporting work I need to do, as well as update the docs, but it's in the v1.12 branch if anyone wants to play with it...
[stevieb]: ...issue 62 will track what else needs to be done.

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