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Re: Looking for perl/tk code

by Crian (Chaplain)
on Sep 23, 2004 at 11:36 UTC ( #393173=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Looking for perl/tk code

You could take a look at my graph editor GED. I don't use GD for printing, but the other points are covered, I think. You can find it here:

It's a german side, but you will find the download link easily. The program has german comments too, but it's planed to be translated.

You can't steal this code, because it already belongs to you (to all) =)

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Re^2: Looking for perl/tk code
by johnnywang (Priest) on Sep 24, 2004 at 05:02 UTC
    That's great, exactly what I want. Actually I'm trying to have an app to help me draw geometry pictures, and to include the picture in latex file. Your program does exactly that. Would love to have an english version (ha, I returned the little german I knew to the teachers long time ago.). I see you're exporting latex directly, I was thinking of exporting GD instructions, and generate png with GD, then include the image in latex. Thanks.

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