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LanX has a shaming laptop
[ambrus]: 1nickt: my impression is that the gamers like the softer springs, because fast reaction time is more important to them then feedback from keypresses to recognize typos.
[1nickt]: Ah, I see. I did read some gamer mag reviews, and yes, they lamented the fact that laptops with no discrete video card are sold as "gaming" hardware.
[1nickt]: But, they do have red keyboard backlighting! And gargoyles on the front, or words like "Maxxx" here and there. They know their demographic!
[1nickt]: True gamers don;t buy Dells, HPs, or Lenovos, I think ;-)
[ambrus]: The keyboard I bought doesn't have backlighting. I specifically had to select for that, because so many keyboards these days have lights. Why would I want lights in the keyboard? I want lights in the room, such as on the ceiling, not in the keyboard.
choroba has a small USB lamp

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