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Re: perl/gtk2 simplelist

by The Mad Hatter (Priest)
on Dec 06, 2004 at 20:57 UTC ( #412755=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to perl/gtk2 simplelist

There might be other, cleaner ways, but that's what I found when I dug around in some older code of mine.

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Re^2: perl/gtk2 simplelist
by hinkle (Initiate) on Dec 06, 2004 at 21:08 UTC
    I've used the @{$slist->{data}} command before. My problem is finding ways to get all the info out of it in something that I can parse. Are you breaking this up in any way? I've tried simple things like foreach $line (@{$slist->{data}}) { } to see if i could parse it like a normal array but that's a no go.

      (Minor nit: it's not a command. It's accessing an array reference. Read up on Perl data structures.)

      $slist->{data} is an array reference of other array references (the "rows" in the list) each item of which is a piece of data (the "columns" in each row). Fiddle about with this:

      for my $row (@{$slist->{data}}) { print "Row:\n"; for my $col (@{$row}) { print " $col\n"; } }
      or use Data::Dumper to visualize the data structure in a more Perlish way:
      use Data::Dumper; print Dumper($slist->{data}), "\n";

      (Untested code.)

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