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Answer: How do I invoke a procedure on a server remotely?

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Q&A > network programming > How do I invoke a procedure on a server remotely? - Answer contributed by penguinfuz

Another option, assuming you've got a working SSH connection between the machines is to use Net::SSH::Perl.
Note: Cpan search seems to be having issues at the moment so here's an alternative location - Net::SSH::Perl.
sub run_remote_script { use Net::SSH::Perl; my ($host,$user,$pass,$opt1,$opt2,$opt3) = @_; my $cmd = "/path/to/remote_script $opt1 $opt2 $opt3"; my $ssh = Net::SSH::Perl->new($host); $ssh->login($user,$pass); my %output; ($output{stdout},$output{stderr},$output{exit}) = $ssh->cmd($cmd); return \%output; }

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