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Re: Newbie programming questions

by zakzebrowski (Curate)
on Mar 01, 2005 at 17:48 UTC ( #435542=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Newbie programming questions

It sounds like the questions you are asking are homework questions... but looking at your previous posts, it's looks like you're interested in building / extending windows applications. Perhaps, rather than focusing on the windows platform (which can be confusing) consider using a different operating system all together...
PS. Consider changing the subject of your post next time to something like windows programming...

Zak - the office

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Re^2: Newbie programming questions
by halley (Prior) on Mar 01, 2005 at 19:33 UTC
    Consider changing the subject of your post next time to something like windows programming...

    ObJoke: But maybe he WANTS to program newbies. ;)

    [ e d @ h a l l e y . c c ]

Re^2: Newbie programming questions
by BUU (Prior) on Mar 02, 2005 at 02:07 UTC
    consider using a different operating system all together...
    Becausing linux is *so* simple and easy to use. Really. I swear.

      No, linux is not simple and easy.

      It's just that, when you have a question, there usually is a straightforward (albeit not always easy) way to find the answer.

      Most (all) configuration is in plain text files, for example. Each with a slightly different syntax, but most of the time readable ( notwithstanding).

      Most programs come with documentation and source code, which is not always easy to read, but at least it's possible.

      Windows systems have this maddening tendency to try to protect the user from himself... I prefer a good length of rope, even if it means I will, sooner or later, hang myself.

              dakkar - Mobilis in mobile

      PS: written in Firefox on a Macintosh ;-)

      Most of my code is tested...

      Perl is strongly typed, it just has very few types (Dan)

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