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Re: Komodo seems unpopular here

by leriksen (Curate)
on Mar 08, 2005 at 23:22 UTC ( #437766=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Komodo seems unpopular here

xemacs and run the code with 'mode-compile'. The one true way on the one true editor. (emacs doesnt have this function, which is the only reason I chose xemacs over emacs)

I dont use print, I use Log::Log4perl - that way my trace code builds up during development, but cost me next to nothing in production (as long as you use it as advised in the L::L4p doco).
If I have a problem in production, I bump the log level up and watch the trace code scoll by, no restart required. Once I have enough trace output captured, I bump the log level down and watch the script become quiescent again.

Debugging => perl -d:ptkdb .... - almost all the power of the Komodo IDE (that said, the Komodo debugger UI has a few features I believe are well worth paying for...) is better to be approximately right than precisely wrong. - Warren Buffet

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Re^2: Komodo seems unpopular here
by merlyn (Sage) on Mar 09, 2005 at 00:55 UTC
    emacs doesnt have {mode compile}, which is the only reason I chose xemacs over emacs
    Funny, my GNU Emacs version 22.0.50 (compiled nightly from the CVS HEAD for my OSX Carbon environment) seems to have M-x compilation-mode. Is that what you're referencing?

    -- Randal L. Schwartz, Perl hacker
    Be sure to read my standard disclaimer if this is a reply.

      That's probably exactly the same as xemacs M-x mode-compile

      code forks are such joy...

      update 17:36 9 March 2005

      Its seems to be slightly different - in xemacs, mode-compile does whatever seems appropriate for the buffer - for C code it tries to make, for a shell script it tries to run it in a shell, for perl it runs the perl code - it tries really hard to 'do the right thing' for whatever the major mode of the buffer happens to be.

      compilation-mode in emacs seems to change the major mode of the buffer, and M-x compile then does whatever you decide (for perl its probably no more than 'perl')

      I'm not an (x)emacs guru, so I suppose nearly everything I just said can be contradicted, but, that said, I like the semi-smart addaptive behaviour of mode-compile. is better to be approximately right than precisely wrong. - Warren Buffet

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