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Re^2: Bizarre copy of ARRAY in leave at ...

by mnooning (Beadle)
on Apr 07, 2005 at 01:42 UTC ( #445508=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Bizarre copy of ARRAY in leave at ...
in thread Bizarre copy of ARRAY in leave at ...

I was able to get the thing to at least run ... until I hit the Exit or Go buttons. The problem seems to be that the
ProgressBar code works with undefined items, and just ignores the errors, while the debugger does not ignore them.
The case in point is ProgressBar::variable
I will paste the original, that crashes in the debugger, and my fix.
sub variable { my $c = shift; my $oldvarref = $c->{'-variable'}; my $oldval = $$oldvarref if $oldvarref; if(@_) { my $varref = shift; if ($oldvarref) { $c->traceVdelete($oldvarref); } $c->{'-variable'} = $varref; $c->traceVariable($varref, 'w', sub { $c->value($_[1]) }); $$varref = $oldval; _layoutRequest($c,2); } $oldval; } <\code> <br> Here is the fix<br> <br> <code> sub variable { my $c = shift; my $oldvarref = ""; my $oldval = ""; if (defined($c->{'-variable'})) { $oldvarref = $c->{'-variable'}; $oldval = $$oldvarref if $oldvarref; } if(@_) { my $varref = shift; $c->traceVdelete($oldvarref) if (defined($oldvarref) and ($oldvarref ne "")); $c->{'-variable'} = $varref; $c->traceVariable($varref, 'w', sub { $c->value([1]) }); $$varref = $oldval if (defined($oldval) and ($oldval ne "")); _layoutRequest($c,2); } return ($oldval) if (defined($oldval) and ($oldval ne "")); }

This took way to long for me to find. Now I have a worse problem (again, only in the debugger).
It runs in that it pops up the progress bar, but when I click on either Exit or Go, it bombs.
I have traced it down to Tk::MainLoop where it does


but I cannot trace from there. I am getting very nervous that Tk may have such unprotected
undefined items sprinkled about. That would spell doom for anyone wanting to use Tk ... and be
able to use the Perl debugger.

Someone ... please say it isn't so!

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