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Using Multiple m/\G.../gc to Tokenize

by ikegami (Pope)
on Apr 07, 2005 at 17:28 UTC ( #445804=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Interpolate Text Not Inside a Certain Tag

An easily extendable solution:

{ for ($text) { # Alias $_ to $text. /\G `` (.*?) `` /gcsx && do { print($1 ); redo }; /\G \*\* (.*?) \*\* /gcsx && do { print("<b>$1</b>"); redo }; /\G ( . # Catchall. (?: # These four lines are optional. (?!``) # They are here to speed things up (?!\*\*) # by avoiding calling print for .)* # single characters. ) /gcsx && do { print($1); redo }; } }

Handles mismatched ** and `` by treating them as normal characters.


  • Removed "\n"s from prints.
  • Added /s option to regexps, since I'm guessing newlines are not special.
  • The 1st .*? was ((?:(?!``).)*
  • The 2nd .*? was ((?:(?!\*\*).)*


foreach ( '**bold**', '``**bold**``', '**``bold``**', '**bold** test ** test', '``text`` test `` test', ) { print('in: ', $_, $/, 'out: '); TOKENIZER: { ... } print($/, $/); } __END__ in: **bold** out: <b>bold</b> in: ``**bold**`` out: **bold** in: **``bold``** out: <b>``bold``</b> in: **bold** test ** test out: <b>bold</b> test ** test in: ``text`` test `` test out: text test `` test

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