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Do you know where your variables are?

Re: Counting lines as I write them...

by fglock (Vicar)
on Apr 11, 2005 at 14:32 UTC ( #446617=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Counting lines as I write them...

use strict; my $filename = shift; open( INFILE, "<$filename" ) || die "$!\n"; open( OUTFILE, ">>dataload.errs" ) || die "$!\n"; my %count; my $line; while ( $line = <INFILE> ) { if ( $line =~ /^( \*{3}M | \!{3} | \@{3} )/x ) { $count{$1}++; print OUTFILE $line; } } close( INFILE ); close( OUTFILE ); print "Total errors for $_: $count{$_}\n" for keys %count;

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Node Type: note [id://446617]
[Cosmic37]: now I have tried another blunder - can anyone explain why I am such a dunderhead?
[Cosmic37]: if ( $line =~ /$mydt/ ) { print $line; }
[Cosmic37]: I try to match successive date times stored in variable $mydt
[Cosmic37]: I guess it is searching for the string "$mydt"
[Corion]: Indeed cool, erix ;)
[Cosmic37]: rather than the value of $mydt which is a date time strong such as 2016-01-01 12:30:56
[Corion]: Cosmic37: No, but maybe $mydt doesn't contain what you think it does, or it contains characters that are special in a regular expression? Try if( $line =~ /\Q$mydt\E/) { ... for a literal match
[Cosmic37]: I mean string grrr
[Corion]: Maybe add an else branch in which you print what the values of $line and $mydt are?
[Cosmic37]: ah thank you I will try

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