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Think about Loose Coupling

Re: Things I Don't Use in Perl

by hv (Parson)
on Aug 23, 2005 at 16:20 UTC ( #485948=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Things I Don't Use in Perl

For what it's worth, I am a fan of polymorphic getter/setters, but I autogenerate them rather than writing them individually:

  • if the field is immutable, the method knows it and generates an appropriate error message (but you can set key fields on newly created objects that don't yet have them set);
  • they detect if the setting actually changes the value, and record the fact;
  • when setting, derived values are invalidated;
  • when getting, a not-yet derived value is calculated and cached;
  • they are generated into an intermediate class, so the concrete class can override them simply (though overrides must call the SUPER:: method appropriately);
  • they don't yet auto-generate documentation, but they could do so.
Nothing here that couldn't also be done with separate getters and setters; the two main benefits are the avoidance of code duplication, and the ease of iterating over the fields.

I agree with you about tie and lvalue though. :)

Update: I forgot the one time I have profitably used tie:

package MyApp::Log; my $log; sub enable { ... $log = MyApp::Log->new($context); tie *STDERR, 'MyApp::Log::STDERR'; ... } { package MyApp::Log::STDERR; sub TIEHANDLE { my $class = shift; bless {}, $class; } sub PRINT { my $self = shift; $log->die(join '', @_); } }
for those things not caught by $SIG{__(WARN|DIE)___} handlers.


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