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Answer: How can I visualize my complex data structure?

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Q&A > Data Structures > How can I visualize my complex data structure? contributed by Discipulus

Here is a little dumper I wrote some time ago:
my %h2 = ( 'AAA' => 'aaa', 'BBB' => 'bbb', 'CCC' => { 'A1' => 'a1', 'B1' => 'b1', 'C1' => { 'A2' => 'a2', 'B2' => 'b2', 'C2' => 'c2END', }, }, 'DDD' => 'ddd', ); sub ddump { my $ref = shift; my $deep = shift||1; for my $k ( sort keys %$ref ) { if ( ref $ref->{$k} ) { print "\t" x $deep."$k =>\n"; ddump( $ref->{$k}, $deep+1 ); } else { print "\t" x ($deep)."$k => $ref->{$k}\n"; } } } ddump( \%h2 );
Then I found a column by merlyn, which gave me the idea of dumping into a CGI table structure. The result:
use CGI qw /:all -nph/; #on Win32 $|++; sub nest { my $it = shift; ref $it ? complex_table($it) : $it } sub complex_table { my $hr = shift; # could test here to ensure that $hr is indeed a hash ref. table( { -border => 2, -bordercolor => 'green', -cellspacing => '0 +', }, map Tr( td( {-valign=>'top'}, $_ ), td( nest( $hr->{$_} ))), s +ort keys %$hr ); } my %h1 = (); # feed your HoH here print start_html, complex_table( \%h1 ), end_html;
which produces a dump like this:
AAA aaa
BBB bbb
A1 a1
B1 b1
A2 a2
B2 b2
C2 c2END
DDD ddd

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