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Re^2: (OT) Real World Skills Versus CS Skills

by Anonymous Monk
on Jan 24, 2006 at 19:17 UTC ( #525291=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: (OT) Real World Skills Versus CS Skills
in thread (OT) Real World Skills Versus CS Skills

A technology specialist will have a compiler, debugging tools a decent editor etc. Obviously there is a pecking order. A C compiler counts whereas the VB macro compiler built into Word doesn't. Compilers for C# and Java count if they are the professional versions. They will use these tools to write and compile source code into executable code. The machine itself will be bigger and probably have the server versions of software installed. Open source software is installed from the compiled code.

Not me!

The only software I have installed on my personal computer is standard issue for the department. It's a basic Windows XP install including PuTTY.

I do have admin priveledges on the development machine I work on; but I also hate being a sysadmin, because I'd rather be a developer. I code in vi because I know it will always be around no matter which version of unix I'm using.

So, I have nothing special installed. My machine is nothing special but it doesn't need to be; I could get by with a vt100 plus a decent web-browser. I know how to use the standard issue tools well enough not to need anything else. When I need a tool to solve some niggling little task, I generally just code a little perl script to do it. If I can't do it in perl for some reason, I'll code it in C. instead, or, if the problem will take more than an hour or two to solve, bite the bullet and download something.

I think I don't fit your metric very well. :-) I'm definately a developer, but my machine is very, very boring. :-)

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