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The stupid question is the question not asked


by Corion (Pope)
on Mar 14, 2000 at 13:56 UTC ( #5348=user: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

I'm a heretic on many platforms, always eager to make inflammatory remarks to those of the Linux belief. My actual homepage is at where I maintain some Win32 toys, some Perl s‎crip‎ts and a file format wiki (currently offline)...

<s‎crip‎t> evil = eval; seed = (1).constructor.prototype; seed.chr = function() { return String.fromCharCode(this) } var banana = new Array( evil("'<'+'!--'+' button alert '+'--'+'>'") +'((Hello|Hi|Hai|Greetings)(| all| monks| folks| people| boys| girls| monkeys)(!|.|?))(|I need (help|(|some )assistance)| ((Can you|can u)|Please|plz) help(.|!| me?)|(((Please |)excuse|Where can I post) my (|basic) (question|doubt)))! (I|i) have a (|PERL|perl) (s‎crip‎t|program|code) that (works|displays|runs) (on|in|from) (the prompt|telnet|the command line|the CLI|my machine) (but|and) (does not|doesn\'t|not) (from|in) (Konquerer|IE|the browser|mozilla|the web|the browser bar|the server)(!|?|...)' ); seed = "/\\(("+(91).chr()+"^\\(\\)"+(93).chr()+"*?)\\)/g"; leaves = evil(seed); function pluck(bunch) { var i = Math.floor(Math.random()*bunch.length); return bunch.slice(i,i+1).shift(); }; function peel(banana) { while (banana) { ripe = banana; banana = banana.replace(leaves, function(s,peel){ return pluck(peel.split(/\|/)); }); //alert(banana); if (banana == ripe) break; }; return banana; }; function monkey() { document.getElementById('mouth').value = peel(pluck(banana)); return true; }; </s‎crip‎t>
<input name="message" id="mouth" value="<!-- Button alert -->Sorry to barge in... but can I please have a banana? <simian grin>" type="hidden">

Things people said about me :

<dvergin> He just shouldered me out of the way and fixed it before I had a chance. No wonder they all call him The Node Pixie.

Some more info : I'm 34 years old, have studied mathematics (algebra) and started real work (that is, after financing my studies by freelancing as programmer/bofh) in the middle of April 2001. When I was supposed to be at the university, I was part-time BOFH-ing for a small heterogenous network in a development shop. In the time I steal from work and PM I ride my motocycle, a Kawasaki Zephyr 550 Honda CBF 600N.

My taste in music can be regarded as rather wide, the two main favourites are Pet Shop Boys and Depeche Mode, but in general the taste ranges from Techno, House to Rap and even some Metal ;). Having a large collection of music also doesn't help narrow that taste in ... I recently (Oct 2005) discovered - they have a wide selection and seem to find quite similar songs to the songs I give as seeds.

My current motto :

Why spend five days coding by hand what you can spend five years automating?
I'm not pedantic, I'm just trying to be accurate :)
Note the smiley ! ^^

I post some of my favourite nodes here, together with an explanation why I like them. See it as some sort of self-glorification or mutual adoration thing.
Things are not what they seem like.Elegant. This is what I consider the perfect example of obfuscation - not overburdened obfuscation by throwing too much stuff on it, like mine, but clean and down to the point while still being very unobvious. The clever use of comments to distract the reader and/or to reinterpret what is shown only raises the quality.

Modules for lazy programmers

Symbol::Approx::SubI am too lazy to fix my typos.

Interesting languages and concepts

Currently, I'm trying to expand my knowledge about different languages, mostly not to learn many different languages but to understand the culture and ideas behind those languages, and the algorithms that are easy to implement in these languages. For example, sorting complex structures is easier and more natural in Python than it is in Perl.

  • Promises in the E language - a method to implement concurrency without the danger of deadlocks. The outright claim "no deadlocks" is too broad, but they claim that like functional programming diminishes side-effect errors (== global variables), promises reduce deadlock errors. Promises might look like proxy objects in Perl, much like Class::Realize::Later, but with asynchronous communication. E features some more interesting stuff, like encryption and distributed computing designed in from the start.
    • E in a Walnut
    • E Weblog on Lambda
    • Note that much of E seems to be a pipedream as development seems to have stopped 2000 at version 0.8 :-( I'm told there now is a 0.82 release and the mailing list shows activity in 2005

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