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by freakingwildchild (Scribe)
on Jun 14, 2006 at 00:15 UTC ( #555141=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

My bio is missing; if any finds it, in any state whats-so-ever, then please return it to the rightfull owner? It listens to the word $F3TCH;

I'm busy in quite some territories, mainly I'm busy with designing, drawing, programming (favorite language is Perl lately), music (producing, dj and listening), skating (inlines outdoors is great!), sleeping and watching movies.

My mind and life is mostly technically and logically based; just without the pointy ears. Still, it's a challenge, to be different in a world where corporate greed rules the rainbow, whereof I'm sure going well with some of my next upcoming projects .. and yes .. 100% in perl!

QUICK PROFILE TAGS -------------------

  • Current development: audio/visual, interactive web, Yubikey storage system,
  • Current perl research: Intuitive applications, sound-to-web, midiwithsound-to-net, The holy grail :p
  • Hot topics: security, interactive, easy, perl, audio, graphics, video, music, studio, recording
More examples will be coming soon!

If you want to know more about me better get in touch or be a good Internaut ;)

Noli vana sectari et tempus perdere nugis nihil proficientibus.

Greetz and peace out!

Yup, my domain has been hijacked!! use .net instead!

Freaking Wildchild.

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