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Re: Regex Question : Substitution

by BooK (Curate)
on Feb 02, 2001 at 15:56 UTC ( #55981=note: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Regex Question : Substitution

Or even shorter, use the transliteration operator:

$eng =~tr/u/a/;

Documentation to be found at: tr and perlop

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Re: Re: Regex Question : Substitution
by $code or die (Deacon) on Feb 02, 2001 at 17:14 UTC
Re: Re: Regex Question : Substitution
by petral (Curate) on Feb 03, 2001 at 07:26 UTC
    Er, I think he wants t/Uu/Aa/


    oopsdate: Never mind. (I gotta keep this set at a larger font.)

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