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by McD (Chaplain)
on Feb 07, 2001 at 02:38 UTC ( #56812=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Mr. McD was born a long time ago in a log cabin in the wilds of New Jersey. He was raised by a wolf and built Rome in two days. The inventor of Algebra and leader of the Mongol horde, Dr. McD (also known as Zimbu, the FaxMonkey) discovered the New World in 1000 A.D., and again in 1492. Chief author of the Declaration of Independence, commander of the Union Army in the Civil War, and originator of the general theory of relativity, he is perhaps best known as the first man to walk on the moon. More recently, Lord McD (who wrote "The Book of Love") was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, discovered cold fusion, and retired after nearly thirty years of hosting "The Tonight Show, starring Johnny Carson." A Perl Zealot and adept at all things email, he is not above plagarizing the biographies of famous jugglers. He loves the beautiful Lady Morio and believes that he will one day be King.

Proudly ++'ing the patient since Thursday.

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[Corion]: Meh, first round of escalations for me not wanting to fix in production what a project has mismanaged. Now another project, which eats up all the resources until end of this year wants to take that task and put it on my list of things as well.
[Corion]: So now there will be the fun of me explaining to the project that $other_project had low priority because $project has high priority. If $project picks up the task from $other_project, they also will need to reprioritize my tasks to get that done...
[Corion]: ... of course at the cost of something else on my list of tasks for $project, as there only is a finite amount of days until $deadline.

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