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Re^2: METAreqWeb - overview of CPAN dist prerequisites

by Intrepid (Deacon)
on Oct 25, 2006 at 22:33 UTC ( #580668=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: METAreqWeb - overview of CPAN dist prerequisites
in thread METAreqWeb - overview of CPAN dist prerequisites

On on Oct 10, 2006, grinder wrote:

Nice code, but, I hate to break it to you, but you're using the wrong web site. If you used Randy Kobes's site, you'd already have it on the page:

YAML-AppConfig @ kobes

Either that, or CPANTS lists the information as well

YAML-AppConfig @ cpants

Hmmm... you've given me an idea, some bookmarklets would come in handy for this stuff.

Glad I could provide some inspiration. I'd be very interested in seeing a Bookmarklet, indeed, for CPAN module information! Very cool. ;-)

I do have to make a correction, however, for the benefit of those that cannot read the code. Listing the modules required by a chosen CPAN module is only 1/3 of the functionality of the solution shown above. The other 2/3 are:

  1. print information on whether the prerequisite is part of the core Perl distribution ("bundled with Perl"), and if so, when (for what Perl release) that became true; and
  2. print information on the result of detecting the presence of said modules on the user's system.

Changing websites to Kobe or CPANTS isn't going to accomplish the latter 2/3 of the functionality of the code above (nor answer the FAQ chatterbox question, "How can I tell whether I have that module already?", that prompted this contribution.

The latter 2 operations are fundamentally local in nature and nothing short of a complex client-side scripting project is going to make that info available in the http user agent (browser).

Boy, I did a good job of moderating my tone in this response and not displaying my disappointment over receiving such a careless, clueless comment / evaluation / feedback ... didn't I. grinder usually does better.

    Soren A / somian / perlspinr / Intrepid

Words can be slippery, so consider who speaks as well as what is said; know as much as you can about the total context of the speaker's participation in a forum over time, before deciding that you fully comprehend the intention behind those words. If in doubt, ask for clarification before you 'flame'.
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