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by z0d (Hermit)
on Feb 15, 2001 at 23:46 UTC ( #58706=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

You might want to check out my home:

le is the nearest Monk.

He can be reached via e-mail: z0d `at' y99k `dot' com

Kul nodes:


(Golf) RNA Genetic Code Translator
PGA Golf, Round 1 - Results
Tips on Writing a Golf Challenge
(Golf) Per Mutations
Golf Do-s and Don't-s
Announcing the First Annual Perl Golf Apocalypse

Obfuscated zone

Self Modifying
Cross JaPh?
(even more) code art
helix: Genetic Code
scroller: I think I saw it move!
camel code
Yet Another (Obfuscated) Perl Conference: Yet Another Perl Conference
1: There can be only one!
obfuscation for 2 cents: My 2 cents worth
Tricks with tr///


The value of $0 is your program...
Top Ten ways you know you are a Perl Monks Addict.

Interesting stuff

JAPH-ing Genetically
CRSC -- Norf Lahndan Slang
7 Stages of Regex Users
recommended especially for GUI users: GUIs and CLIs
Genetic Programming or breeding Perls
a little math: Be a monkey!

Read some poetry

the good, the bad, and the ugly
hax0r $p33k: R0z3z 4r3 R3d
Macaroni and Cheese

Other home nodes I found interesting

Masem -- golf
ybiC -- tons of internal links
jcwren -- PerlMonks statistics and web-hosting
turnstep -- lots of useful things


Preventing DOS attacks with
Simple Anti-Spam Encoder
New Monks
Learning Perl's Regular Expressions
compression challenge
Quine Whine
Random thoughts on programming
use CGI or die;
Threads vs Forking (Java vs Perl)
Number of Monks by Level
File Locking

-- <-- z0d -->

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[stevieb]: I am thankful that I fell into Perl years ago in the manner I did. I don't believe there is another language that people care about so much, that they're willing to give everything. Langs come and go, but in Perl, it seems, things remain consistent.
[stevieb]: The people back then (~2000) are the same people now, but with much more experience. I'm appreciative that I fell into the Perl rabbit hole.
[stevieb]: Coding circles around Python devs, showing how unit tests should be done, enabling easy access to everything, learning basic C to wrap for direct hardware access... I am thankful.

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