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RFC: PERL, Windows, Windows Editors & system calls

by brusimm (Pilgrim)
on Dec 05, 2006 at 19:23 UTC ( #587957=perlmeditation: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

PERL: Active State, 5.8.8 build 819
EDITOR: Open Perl IDE, Release 1
an integrated, development environment

In my efforts to learn PERL, and presently restricted to a windows environment (Though I recently installed Cygwin to improve my mental state of being) I tend to like cleaning up my output window to see the newest output, making the screen uncluttered. To do this, I use the command  system 'cls' But then when I was running / testing my code, my editor kept giving priority to other windows. IE: I hit F9, and my IE window would pop up in front of my editor. It was most challenging to my normal good mood.

My discovery is this: Windows, my editor, and system 'cls' don't like each other. The moment I removed the call from my script, my output started showing up in my output window of my editor and I was no longer having my active window move to the back of all the other windows.

Granted, I am on windows... I apologize - but for those of you having any similar issues, that was my discovery for the day.

I hope this helps someone

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Re: RFC: PERL, Windows, Windows Editors & system calls
by BerntB (Deacon) on Dec 06, 2006 at 02:09 UTC
    Not being a real expert on Windows development or anything, but I had good experiences with Ultraedit (and, as always, with Emacs).

    Cygwin saved my sanity too. Just wished I had found out about it faster.

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