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Re: Better way?

by Yohimbe (Pilgrim)
on Feb 16, 2001 at 09:59 UTC ( #58797=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Better way?

This looks like a perl based rsync(1) kind of thing.
Unless I'm horribly wrong here, this is really not that ugly. About the only thing ugly is the memory usage for the various lists. That could get big, if the file lists are long. Yours is pretty easily understood code, and unless it runs many many times a second, should not be a huge problem. But if you wanted to trim up the memory usage, perhaps looking at processing the lists sequentially, and storing only exceptions would be better/faster/more elegant.
# assuming %existing_files is a hash of existing # filenames and descriptions # and we recieve the new list of files on stdin while (<STDIN>) { chomp; if ($existing_files{$_}) { delete $existing_files{$_}; } else { $existing_files{$}="Newly Added file $_"; } } # at this point %existing_files contains the files that # should be deleted, and the newly added ones, # with the description used to differentiate them foreach (sort keys %existing_files} { if ($existing{$_} =~ /^Newly/ ) { print "Added $_;"; } else { print "Delete $_"; } }
Jay "Yohimbe" Thorne, alpha geek for UserFriendly

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Node Type: note [id://58797]
[Corion]: Hi choroba, Discipulus!
[Corion]: Yesterday I've been mulling over how to best generate HTTP requests from permutations of values but I haven't found a nice API for passing in the "template" of the HTTP request yet. I guess I'll have to do a SoPW for that
[Corion]: The API itself will basically be my $iter = generate_http_requ ests(method => 'GET', url => '/settings/:name', headers => ???, get_params => ['foo','bar']), but I'm not sure how to parametrize values in the headers and how to specify lists of ...
[choroba]: On the other hand, lots of options to receive the requests :-)
[Corion]: ... values to be used. For example, I think for headers, one would want to have various kinds of Content-Encoding headers, but for the get_parameters one would have various kinds of Bobby Tables
[choroba]: What about [metadoc:// Algorithm::Loops]?
[Corion]: choroba: Yeah, but handing off the request to Dancer,Plack, Mojolicious,LWP is easy once I have the data filled into some structure ;))
[choroba]: Algorithm::Loops
[Corion]: choroba: I'm using that to generate the permutations, but I don't know how the user can pass the intended values to my function in a sane way
[Corion]: I have a prototype that permutes the get_parameters, but the values used for the get parameters should be different from the values used for the headers and potentially for parts of the URL

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