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Re: Getopt::Declare

by mirod (Canon)
on Feb 16, 2001 at 14:35 UTC ( #58825=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Getopt::Declare

I just started using Getopt::Declare and I like it a lot. I have just 2 minor problems with it:

  • if you put some major part of your code in the argument declaration, which is perfectly possible, it might be difficult to debug using the debugger, especially if you call functions from other modules. Your code is intertwined with Getopt::Declare so running it step by step is quite difficult, as is getting to an external module to set break points. So limit yourself to simple stuff in those blocks
  • at the moment it seems that even if you declare a -v option the default one, which displays the version will be used. Annoying when you want a verbose option (you can use --verbose instead but that will get you no point at Perl golf. -V, and I guess -h and -H (whith help) similarly overtake your definition. But maybe I missed an extra option somewhere in those 1500 line...

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Re: Re: Getopt::Declare
by danger (Priest) on Feb 17, 2001 at 19:48 UTC

    The inability to override -v (or any of the version flags) definitely appears to be a bug as the documentation explicitly states that you can override any of the version flags (and overriding the -h help flags does work). You should probably submit a bug report to Damian if you haven't already done so.

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