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About the Personal Nodelet

by SiteDocClan
on Dec 15, 2006 at 19:42 UTC ( #590101=sitefaqlet: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

The Personal Nodelet provides a place to store small snippets of HTML (including PerlMonks-specific markup). (Currently, each snippet is limited to a length of 1024 characters.) Each time you fetch a page from PerlMonks, these snippets of html are rendered in your Personal Nodelet (assuming you've enabled it in your Nodelet Settings). A line break (<br>) is inserted between each one.

General management of the your Personal Nodelet contents is provided by your Personal Nodelet Settings. On that page, the raw html of each item is shown (and editable) in the text fields on the right, and the way PerlMonks will render each one is shown in the middle.

Although it is of more general usefulness now, the original idea of this nodelet was as a mini bookmark list and "link collector"; and its current design shows that heritage. Notice these several links at the bottom of the nodelet:
Edit | Add current node
Add to public / private pad
If, while viewing any node, you click the Add link, a link to that node will be added to the end of your Personal Nodelet list. Click Edit to jump directly to your Personal Nodelet Settings page.

The other two links add a link to the node currently being viewed to your public or private scratchpad, in case you like the idea of using those places as bookmark collectors.

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[Corion]: ... in Pg, but that would mean that I'd have to deal with credentials and stuff :)
[Corion]: In fact, the whole thing is just four simple programs, one App::scrape, another being DBIx::RunSQL, and one some glue to convert a JSON object into an SQL INSERT statement (+DBI connect/execute), so it would be an incredibly simple solution...
[Corion]: ... but that simplicity falls down due to SQLite letting me down and me being too lazy to move to a real DB. Maybe DBD::CSV can handle window functions...
[hippo]: Pg has the "trust" mechanism if you don't fancy using credentials for a trivial db.

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