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Re: Creating not so plain documentation

by loris (Hermit)
on Jan 09, 2007 at 09:38 UTC ( #593685=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Creating not so plain documentation

Hello punkish,

I am not sure that this will really address any of your concerns and it is a completely different approach, but have you had a look at literate programming? I am no expert, but Literate Programming, simply put, allows the programmer to order code and comments in a way that makes most sense to him or her (rather than to the interpreter or compiler), and to print the resulting program out very prettily. Unfortunately there has not been much development in this area since the early 90s, which was when I discovered and tinkered around with it, although I did find this slightly more recent article, which contains an example using Perl.

HTH or is at least of interest


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