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last hour of cb

by Tanktalus (Canon)
on Jan 26, 2007 at 20:59 UTC ( #596792=document: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

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[erix]Lucas on Russia: Let's Make Putin's London Cronies Sweat
[LanX]erix you are too preocupied about Putin, I'm more afraid of what comes after this crisis

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[LanX]be it a destabilized Russia with warlords like in Irak or a Chinese non-democratic super power
[oiskuu]LanX, the problem was always Internet. Once that is .. um.. corrected, nobody will care if a hundred million refugees sink in some boat or similar. It's gonna be all right.
[erix]I don't see any of the aforementioned problems as Mutually Exclusive - worry about them all
[erix]Germany gets too powerful, too
[LanX]true ;-)
[erix]you got all our tanks! The shame of it!
[oiskuu]any of my fellow cynics here seen the Lexx series?
[LanX]s/tanks/bikes/ ?
[erix]actually, that's not true. The tanks went to finland (I think). It's our tank crews that are now training with you guys
[LanX]me! (when Habermann was still hot)
[erix](at least they will be shooting at Putin! :P)
[Your Mother]Lexx was a bit too weird and … plots/characters weren't engaging. I saw two episodes maybe.
[LanX]I already explained why I watched it!
[LanX]but it was too weird!!!
[oiskuu]and what about Greece? Do they not have significant land force also?
[LanX]erix: Germany is only economically strong, and Dutchmen complaining about strong Dutch economy is hypocritical
[oiskuu]Lexx?! Lexx!! that was like the polar opposite of holliwood stuff. technical execution pretty sucky, but the plot... ahhh delicious.
[erix]I wasn't :)
[erix]the dutch economy isn't all that strong. it just looks pretty
[LanX]s/Dutch/Deutsch/ (oops, predicting the future? )
[LanX]Dutch economy is connected to German exports, biggest profiteur of German reunification was NL (export/imports)
[erix]as I said the DAX is *down* ;-)
[LanX]The DAX is fueled by low interests
[erix]is "profiteur" a german word?
[LanX]yes, from French
[LanX]LanX extrapolating
[erix](it is a dutch word too)
[erix]regarding greek army I'm not sure. I understand they got criticism for buying defense stuff while being "bailed out"
[erix]all armies seem too large, in peace time...
[runrig]DAX is actuall up today...
[runrig]down for the week, but up for longer periods back
[Lady_Aleena]Lady_Aleena is back for a short.
[LanX]Greek army is directed to Turkey, which has the second biggest NATO landforce!!!
[erix]DAX was down for the first time in many weeks, as I understand it
[erix]and Russia in Cyprus, nice!
[LanX]DAX is 20% up in 2-3 years man
[erix]and with this stoopid Euro we don't even get cheap greek holidays from it all
[LanX]Russia has troops in Syria not Cyprus, this must be Brits
[LanX](or did they leave)
[erix]you missed a lot lately, it seems :)
[runrig]It has had a pretty good run up, probably time for a pullback...pullbacks are healthy
[amagana]Need help troubleshooting a perl parallel password change script.
[erix]not troops, use of ports
[LanX]Germany isn't strong because they want to lead, but because everybody else is taking himself out of the game, France is in crisis, Britain fantasizing about Brexit ...
[jeffa]well that was a dangerous thing you did
[erix]yeah, must have been that last downward bit that I saw and commented about, this morning
[erix]it was that graph that I posted but Angela Merkel stole the show too effectively, apparently :)
[LanX]yeah whatever, Friday night! \o/
[erix]ah, it was *weekly* - didn't notice that
[LanX]Der bilaterale Handel macht zwischen 20 und 30 Prozent des niederländischen Bruttosozialproduktes aus.
[erix]yeah, I'm not surprised
[LanX]it would be surpising if not, the Rhein is the defining stream in Germany and this is a rare example were the delta is in another country
[erix]6% of German export goes to "der kleine Nachbar" -- not too bad
[LanX]Rotterdam is the most important port for German exports
[LanX]look into the stats for intermariage! ;-)
[LanX]LanX \\\offline

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