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last hour of cb

by Tanktalus (Canon)
on Jan 26, 2007 at 20:59 UTC ( #596792=document: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

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[jdporter]Corion - thanks for apply. Test pass!
[Corion]Hi Lady_Aleena!
[Lady_Aleena]Hello Corion, how are you?
[Corion]I hope you're well and not too dozed off by the painkillers
[Corion]I'm fine, got me a new laptop to play around - shiny toys are always fun ;-)
[Lady_Aleena]I need to take some more soon. My hip is so stiff and sore.
[Corion]Now I just have to get accustomed to Windows 8.1 for the laptop - it certainly is touch-centric, which makes switching between the text editor and the rest of the OS weird
[Lady_Aleena]No alt-tab? :(
[Corion]Lady_Aleena: Yeah - at least you were only for a few days (two?) in the hospital, but it'll be a while until you've recuperated completely
[karlgoethebier]Lady_Aleena: Wie geht es dir?
[Corion]Lady_Aleena: Sure, alt-tab is there, and Windows-R (and all shortcuts), but the "start menu" is the Metro thing where you're supposed to tough on the program. I think you can also still type the name of the program, but I haven't tried that really
[Lady_Aleena]Yes, 2 days in the hospital, but I can't do much at home right now either.
[Lady_Aleena]karlgoethebier, ich bin night so gut. Du? (And can we please stick to English, my German isn't that great right now either.)
[Corion]I'm used to auto-hide the taskbar and then press the Windows key to look at the clock, but that now switches to the Metro world ...
[Lady_Aleena]Corion, I switched to Linux to avoid all that.
[Lady_Aleena]Do you know how hard it is to NOT cross my ankles/legs?
[Lady_Aleena]And I'm not sleeping well either which is driving me nuts.
[karlgoethebier]Lady_Aleena: Yes sure... private way to ask. BTW: i don't try to translate what you wrote :-)
[Lady_Aleena]karl, you don't speak Gernan?
[Lady_Aleena]And I don't type well it appears.
[ambrus]Layd_Aleena: do you at least have a good comfy chair?
[Lady_Aleena]ambrus, it is comfy when I finally get into it, but getting up and down is very painful still.
[ambrus]I see
[ambrus]What helps for me (but probably won't work right after your operation) is alternating two different chairs for sitting. I sit on an exercise ball at work, but in a leather armchair with high backside at home. If I sit on only one of them all the time, it'
[ambrus]s worse than alternating them.
[ambrus]However, I have troubles with my spine, not my hip, so I probably need entirely different things.
[Lady_Aleena]Don't take your body for granted. I'm desiring a good night's sleep.
[Lady_Aleena]I"m so lucky for all the help I have.

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