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Re: - command-line LiveJournal client

by Anonymous Monk
on May 25, 2007 at 12:26 UTC ( #617477=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to - command-line LiveJournal client

hi. Thanks for a nice program. I slightly modified it to support a proxy and send posts in utf-8 + windows russian console encoding (cp866). Right now it works well for me and I able to post my notes to LJ from win32 cmd in russian. that is my version. sorry, I did not extract my settings in rc file, but it is easy to do for everybody.
#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use Encode; use LWP::UserAgent; use HTTP::Request::Common; my $agent = 'Amoe\'s LiveJournaller/0.01'; my $cgi = ''; my $journaller = LWP::UserAgent->new(); $journaller->agent($agent); # set up a proxy $journaller->proxy(['http'], ''); my %global_params; my $rc_file = 'ljer.rc'; open(RC, "<$rc_file") or die("couldn't open $rc_file: $!"); while (<RC>) { chomp; my ($key, $value) = split /\s*:\s*/, $_, 2; $global_params{$key} = $value; } close(RC); my %login = &login; my $http_res = $journaller->request(POST $cgi, \%login); die "Failed to login" unless ($http_res->is_success); my %lj_res = split("\n", $http_res->content); $lj_res{success} eq 'OK' ? print "logged in as $lj_res{name}\n" : die +"failed to log in: $lj_res{errmsg}\n"; print "server says: $lj_res{message}\n" unless (!$lj_res{message}); my %postevent = &postevent; $http_res = $journaller->request(POST $cgi, \%postevent); die "Failed to update journal" unless ($http_res->is_success); %lj_res = split("\n", $http_res->content); $lj_res{success} eq 'OK' ? print "updated journal successfully with en +try $lj_res{itemid}\n" : print "failed to update journal: $lj_res{err +msg}\n"; exit; sub login { my %params = %global_params; $params{mode} = 'login'; $params{clientversion} = $agent; return %params; } sub postevent { my %params = %global_params; $params{mode} = 'postevent'; # $params{lineendings} = 'unix'; $params{lineendings} = 'pc'; $params{ver} = 1; # $params{security} = 'usemask'; # for public or private +entry, change this to 'public' or 'private' and remove '$params{allow +mask} = 1' # $params{allowmask} = 1; $params{security} = 'public'; @params{'subject', 'event', 'prop_current_music', 'prop_current_mo +od'} = read_text(); @params{'min', 'hour', 'day', 'mon', 'year'} = (localtime(time))[1 +..5]; $params{year} += 1900; $params{mon} += 1; # from internal representation to utf-8 $params{'subject'} = Encode::encode_utf8($params{'subject'}); $params{'event'} = Encode::encode_utf8($params{'event'}); $params{'prop_current_music'} = Encode::encode_utf8($params{'prop_ +current_music'}); $params{'prop_current_mood'} = Encode::encode_utf8($params{'prop_c +urrent_mood'}); return %params; } sub read_text { print "please enter your subject line:\n"; chomp(my $subject = <STDIN>); # from system representation to internal $subject = Encode::decode('cp866', $subject); my $text; print "please enter your journal entry (terminated by a period on +a single line):\n"; { local $/; $/ = "\n.\n"; chomp($text = <STDIN>); $text = Encode::decode('cp866', $text); } print "please enter your current music: "; chomp(my $music = <STDIN>); $music = Encode::decode('cp866', $music); print "please enter your current mood: "; chomp(my $mood = <STDIN>); $mood = Encode::decode('cp866', $mood); return $subject, $text, $music, $mood; }

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