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Re^3: Setting Excel cell formats

by Samy_rio (Vicar)
on Jul 27, 2007 at 04:08 UTC ( #629051=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: Setting Excel cell formats
in thread Setting Excel cell formats

Hi merrymonk, set the left and right margin value like below

$sheet1->PageSetup->{LeftMargin} = $Excel->InchesToPoints("0.19"); $sheet1->PageSetup->{RightMargin} = $Excel->InchesToPoints("0.54");

In the same way, you can set the value of the remaining margin.

TopMargin BottomMargin HeaderMargin FooterMargin

Velusamy R.

eval"print uc\"\\c$_\""for split'','j)@,/6%@0%2,`e@3!-9v2)/@|6%,53!-9@2~j';

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[james28909]: i just want to verify the integrity of the executables name each time it is run.
[Corion]: Weird. this documentation says what you say.
[Corion]: I assume you are experiencing this with your packaged program. Maybe also include in the packaging list?
[james28909]: has anyone else run into this problem? i have tried searching but have not returned many results
[james28909]: ah, good idea.
[Corion]: What does print $PerlApp::VERSION output?

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