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Re: 52 Perl Pickup

by misc (Pilgrim)
on Aug 02, 2007 at 19:47 UTC ( #630371=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to 52 Perl Pickup

I've written a solution, too. :-)

I haven't been able to determine the complexity, I'm too bad in mathematics, maybe someone else could ?

However, the lower bound clearly tops all other algorithms, its g(1).
Ok, the upper bound could be g(unlimited), I'd guess.

use strict; use List::Util qw(shuffle); # construct a standard deck my @card; foreach my $suit (qw(H C S D)) { foreach my $value (2..10, qw(J Q K A)) { push @card, $value . $suit; } } # now shuffle us up a pile of cards, perhaps composed of any # number of decks my @pile; my $n = 4; # number of decks in shuffled pile push @pile, @card for (1..$n); @pile = shuffle @pile; my $decks; do { $decks = grab ( \@pile ); # split the pile into $n decks @pile = lookup( $decks ); # Look if we got it right.. } while ( @pile > 0 ); print "Got it!\n"; for my $a (0..$n){ print "$_ " foreach ( @{$decks->{$a}} ); print "\n\n"; } # Exits here.. happily sub grab{ my $pile = shift; my $decks; # Grab the cards foreach my $card (@{$pile}){ push @{$decks->{int(rand($n))}}, $card; } return $decks; } sub lookup{ my $decks = shift; for my $a (0..$n-1) { my %cards; foreach my $card ( @{$decks->{$a}} ){ if ( defined( $cards{$card} ) ){ damnit( $decks ); return throw ( $decks ); } else { $cards{$card} = 1; # Remember this. An +d dont forget it! } } } } sub damnit{ my $decks = shift; print "Damnit!!!\n"; for my $a (0..$n){ print "$_ " foreach ( @{$decks->{$a}} ); print "\n\n"; } } sub throw{ my $decks = shift; my @pile; foreach ( values %{$decks} ){ push @pile, @{$_}; } return shuffle( @pile ); }

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