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Node ID Writeup Created
213425 Re: The new automated poll-producing code... 2002-11-16 17:17
186538 Perl rocks 2002-07-31 17:09
186227 Silly JAPH 2002-07-30 15:16
167643 Re: Alabama song (Whiskey bar) 2002-05-19 11:57
150046 Re: Determining who is worthy of ++ votes 2002-03-07 16:11
149416 Re: Re: cjaph - SOLUTION 2002-03-05 16:18
148927 Create anagrams simply 2002-03-03 02:53
147805 Esoteric interpreting 2002-02-27 03:56
147802 cjaph 2002-02-27 03:22
147341 Re: Re: Re: Win32 Execution: UNiX Style 2002-02-25 16:02
147241 Re: Win32 Execution: UNiX Style 2002-02-25 01:30
147239 Re: Diving for perl output 2002-02-25 01:16
147086 Random Nodes 2002-02-23 17:29
146176 Re: Well commented obfuscation: 2002-02-18 17:14
146175 Re: Re: Just another silly pattern 2002-02-18 17:10
145359 Just another silly pattern 2002-02-14 03:32
142280 Weakness 2002-01-29 08:23
142268 Re: Structured obfuscation 2002-01-29 07:06
142015 yaJAPH3 2002-01-28 09:10
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[ambrus]: Corion: as for that, I talked with schmorp, and looked a bit more at Prima
[ambrus]: Corion: from the docs, it definitely looks like it would be possible to write an AnyEvent driver for it using Prima::File and Prima::Timer.
[ambrus]: (I haven't found an idle event.)
[ambrus]: However, I also looked at the internals, and found two interesting things:
[marto]: stupid xpath question, I have a xpath copied from the browser, is the * wildcard supposed to work for IDs? e.g. '//*[@id="*"]/ div/div/header/p/a '?

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