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1045484 Re: WWW::Mechanize and https/port 443 2013-07-21 04:04
950635 Re: perldb: Howto trace only "my" modules? 2012-01-29 19:43
897147 Re: WWW::Mechanize to Fill in Fields when no Form Defined 2011-04-03 03:15
871388 Re: Theme colors 2010-11-15 01:32
866809 Re: Module for working with IP Addresses and Ranges 2010-10-22 13:31
866089 Re: Copying a file across servers in DOS 2010-10-19 02:07
864983 Re: trimming space from both sides of a string 2010-10-13 00:30
862496 Re^4: avoiding a race ("No extra", "no-user" locking--miniscule race of no importance) 2010-09-28 20:17
862117 Re: transforming XY data to X and Multiple Y column data? 2010-09-26 20:24
861413 Re: Comparing unordered but similar data files 2010-09-23 00:37
859843 Re: Want a faster replace, Please 2010-09-12 13:12
656347 Re: WWW::Mechanize and Facebook login 2007-12-11 08:47
633200 Re^2: match two elements from an array in a row 2007-08-17 01:45
547504 Re^5: 'A' web server takes another "time out" (root) 2006-05-04 19:56
547501 Re^2: WWW::Mechanize, radio buttons, and clicking a named button 2006-05-04 19:49
547340 Re^2: WWW::Mechanize, radio buttons, and clicking a named button 2006-05-04 04:28
547312 Re: WWW::Mechanize, radio buttons, and clicking a named button 2006-05-04 00:08
533660 Re^2: is filehandler used ? 2006-03-01 14:53
518480 Re^2: Append the timestamp before and after the data in the logfile 2005-12-22 05:33
518098 Re: How to Install Perl Power Tools on AS Perl 2005-12-20 15:54
517725 Re^2: Advice on Efficient Large-scale Web Crawling 2005-12-19 13:59
517665 Re^3: How to do a blocking readdir or similar 2005-12-19 06:25
517152 Re: working with year in mysql 2005-12-16 06:13
516864 Re: Is it possible to get the redirected URL? 2005-12-15 05:21
515800 Re^3: CGI::Application and subroutines 2005-12-11 07:52
515369 Re^3: What one-liners do people actually use? 2005-12-08 20:37
515346 Re: What one-liners do people actually use? 2005-12-08 19:29
515021 Re: get the user id and pwd who logs in to the cgi/perl application 2005-12-07 19:59
511175 Re^2: calculate the time taken to run a script 2005-11-23 16:56
509560 Re^3: Random directory creation/deletion scheduling logic problem 2005-11-17 20:39
509544 Re: Random directory creation/deletion scheduling logic problem 2005-11-17 20:07
507957 Re: LWP and Remote IP 2005-11-12 10:32
505393 Re: display hash in an html template 2005-11-03 15:29
504281 Re: How do I search for Subject Title in Outlook? 2005-10-31 15:00
502106 Re: Navigate to OP while replying deep in a thread? 2005-10-21 19:32
495466 Re^2: Split files into chunks of $n lines 2005-09-27 17:18
495177 Re: File::CounterFile problems : access from mulitple scripts and zeroing counter 2005-09-26 18:21
493296 Re^2: Authentication with WWW::Mechanize 2005-09-19 20:31
493290 Re: Authentication with WWW::Mechanize 2005-09-19 20:15
475738 Re: Can the log out link be moved somewhere else? 2005-07-18 13:03
472968 Re^2: Parsing log files (still) 2005-07-06 23:11
469095 Re: perl one-liner 2005-06-22 17:02
447836 Re: WWW::Mechanize follow meta refreshes 2005-04-14 15:19
443216 Re^3: Getting previous dates from the current date 2005-03-29 18:18
442398 Re: Submitting form data to Javascript form 2005-03-25 19:52
432485 Re: Telling LWP which source IP to use 2005-02-18 19:30
421504 Re^4: Whois script help 2005-01-12 04:50
421379 Re^2: Whois script help 2005-01-11 19:12
419747 Re^2: WWW::Mechanize and text input outside form 2005-01-05 22:16
405834 Re: Converting 24 hour time back into 12 hour 2004-11-07 01:20
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Discipulus manual work: i just tell the same to my boss: every time the quick solution is to assign some manual data entry task to my group.. because we have not direct access to many databases here..
[LanX]: point is: in high speed trade each bank has to remember what he has to get from the others... so dresdner got billed for losses but couldn't claim gains
Discipulus is this the IT?
[Corion]: Discipulus: Well, in many cases it doesn't make sense to build an interface and complicated program just to enter 20 rows into a database ;) But yes, automating data imports should pay off in the long run
[LanX]: Choroba: this happened before I joined, was still in uni, but my boss was summoned to the CEO of the second biggest German bank at that time and could only say " I told them its not ready" ;)
[LanX]: memories....I missed my connection while chatting
[Discipulus]: in this case Corion we are speaking about software licensing: evry year or two we must rescan the whole ced to produce an excel report, while at every activation / disactivation we update a black box DB: i said that i a week i can produce the perl to..
[Discipulus]: rend out the xls IF i have access to the DB

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