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These nodes all have stuff by Kevin_Raymer (showing 1-19 out of ~16?):

Node ID Writeup Created
900002 hackin" dmidecode 2011-04-18 20:37
777122 Re: recursive dependencies in 5.8.8 vs 5.10 and CPAN 2009-07-03 21:07
665729 Re: OT: The Illuminati have infiltrated Perlmonks 2008-02-02 14:37
654862 Hacking modules and doing snmp scans....... 2007-12-04 16:57
625662 Hacking Packages 2007-07-09 17:30
613233 Perl SIX 2007-05-02 18:38
610124 Who is this Nodereaper?? 2007-04-14 23:56
604887 Re: The Top 10 Perl/Programming Songs of All Time 2007-03-14 20:31
604011 question about ordering technical data numbers 2007-03-09 17:05
600865 Re^2: Okay I have cleaned it up a little bit 2007-02-19 14:56
600861 Re^2: Why Reaped??? 2007-02-19 14:49
600859 A prayer for the monks 2007-02-19 14:48
600749 Why Reaped??? 2007-02-18 22:05
600477 Perl and Open Source in General 2007-02-16 17:10
600223 Okay I have cleaned it up a little bit 2007-02-15 15:58
599940 I am making progress but code not running exactly right yet... 2007-02-14 13:56
599773 New to PERL but how is this better than DOS? 2007-02-13 20:43
599770 Re^2: Solaris and Icons 2007-02-13 20:26
599766 Solaris and Icons 2007-02-13 20:14
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[karlgoethebier]: Corion: "...didn't leave business cards" Those guys came from Muränia?
[Corion]: karlgoethebier: Heh - naah, I think they are just very fresh out of university. At least they seem to have hired one person as key accountant who has done enterprise consulting etc. before :)
[Corion]: erix: It wouldn't be nice of me to publically shame and name ;)
[Corion]: I'm interested in how their product actually works. It uses websockets between two non-browser components, so there are some weird technology decisions, or rather, I assume the product started out as something completely different :)
[erix]: fair enough

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