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Node ID Writeup Created
1148621 How to validate json with json-schema draft 4? 2015-11-25 19:46
1126811 Standards for JSON API 2015-05-15 20:22
1102652 Learing perl oneliners. Can you give me some problems to solve. 2014-10-02 17:06
1057138 META.yml the difference between `name` and `requires` 2013-10-06 10:09
1022063 Re^2: Best way to store object in db 2013-03-06 18:34
1022058 Re^2: Best way to store object in db 2013-03-06 18:19
1022056 Re^2: Best way to store object in db 2013-03-06 18:15
1022037 Best way to store object in db 2013-03-06 16:55
1021312 Module to calculate ETA 2013-03-01 18:13
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[Discipulus]: Corion are you would able to realize such thing? O_O
[Corion]: In the same vein I have a script that automates Firefox to enter some data into another system. It's not faster than the people using the script if they were to do it manually, but they prefer not having to check the data and not having typos when ...
[Corion]: ... entering the data
[Corion]: Discipulus: I don't know whether I could really do that, but the init process itself mostly launches other processes, and the whole startup is just following a path of dependencies and making sure they are all running. Which basically is what ...
[Discipulus]: when at work my time is (temporarly) owned by the firm, so i do not care (coworkers whatch movies.. I code Perl)
[Corion]: ... make already does, except for files instead of programs. But maybe with some /proc hackery, that could be eliminated and one could use plain make :-D
[choroba]: systemd just makes is asynchronous
[choroba]: so, make -j
[Corion]: Discipulus: Yeah - but when writing Perl to save time (instead of having fun), it helps to look whether you're actually saving time ;) Why spend 5 minutes doing manually what you can spend three years automating? ;)
[Corion]: choroba: Oh, yeah :-D

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