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Node ID Writeup Created
153355 Re: Eliminating Left Recursion in Parse::RecDescent 2002-03-21 17:01
55654 Re: LWCE Monk Meeting in NY part 2 2001-02-01 09:13
52551 Pseudohaiku: Meditation for the Morning 2001-01-17 21:22
51746 Re: Haunted Catacombs 2001-01-14 19:32
51492 Updates to Code in Code Catacombs? 2001-01-13 02:39
49993 use warnings qw(taint); 2001-01-05 08:09
49798 Re: Re: Re: What if God were one of us? 2001-01-04 21:51
49575 Re: What if God were one of us? 2001-01-03 22:00
48967 Re: Re: random noise background generator 2000-12-30 07:40
46890 Re: A gift from me to you 2000-12-15 23:01
46483 Re: (Ovid) Re: 2000-12-14 01:53
46228 Re: Re: Re: Re: One-liner .sig 2000-12-12 11:46
46226 Re: Re: One-liner .sig 2000-12-12 11:42
46217 Re: One-liner .sig 2000-12-12 09:44
45874 japh .signature 2000-12-09 12:54
45693 Re: Re: random noise background generator 2000-12-08 08:49
45649 Re: Perl Monks Buy Stuff 2000-12-08 03:53
45624 random noise background generator 2000-12-08 02:12
45082 Re: Answer: How can I find the first position of a substring case-insensitively? 2000-12-06 00:49
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