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Node ID Writeup Created
765957 White Camel Awards 2009 2009-05-25 02:54
562899 Re^2: Benchmarking MP3::Tag vs. MP3::Info 2006-07-21 16:59
562763 Benchmarking MP3::Tag vs. MP3::Info 2006-07-21 04:03
385584 Re: How I learned Perl 2004-08-25 04:55
134097 Re: Re: Re: More Sorted Business with Hashes 2001-12-24 00:21
134095 Re: Re: More Sorted Business with Hashes 2001-12-24 00:18
134093 Re: Re: More Sorted Business with Hashes 2001-12-24 00:12
132926 Re: Re: Re: Happy Birthday Perl! 2001-12-19 00:22
79601 Re: Re: Re: Validating Numbers in CGI Script? 2001-05-11 03:08
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[stevieb]: it is exceptionally difficult I'm finding to debug a dist that is x-platform, where on each platform you're wrapping a different binary. Trying to co-ordinate a successful test run where tests are extensive is a nightmare, especially when the dist...
[stevieb]:'re testing is a test system itself. 10+ documented issues fixed, another half dozen found while fixing the original ones. I'm getting there...
[stevieb]: Then throw in changes to Windows that throws everything you trusted right out the window.
[shmem]: that's why it is called "Windows"
[stevieb]: shmem thanks for the 'insight' :P
[shmem]: good thing that Sun already took "OpenWindows", otherwise I'd not stop to shudder imagining an "OpenWindows" from MS
[shmem]: more garbage in, more garbage out that would be
[stevieb]: I found that win10 broke a C# library I was using for one project while enhancing tests for a Perl dist, which breaks other Perl dists, and I'm about to throw my hands up on berrybrew. win2k12 broke one thing, win10 breaks something...

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