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Node ID Writeup Created
875978 Database Access via OLEDB possible? 2010-12-08 10:20
567032 Fastcgi, howto deal with exit? 2006-08-12 13:57
356361 deep copy, not deep create 2004-05-25 20:31
329235 Re: Re: has_many in Class:DBI 2004-02-16 07:28
329190 has_many in Class:DBI 2004-02-15 22:33
315134 Re: Re: On-the-fly all-languages syntax highlighting 2003-12-16 20:40
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[Corion]: "flag problem" to me sounds like "contains UTF-8 bytes but was never properly decoded to an UTF-8 string"
[LanX]: not my code ...
[choroba]: yeah, sounds like one of the strings is not flagged as UTF-8
[choroba]: which usually means its input wasn't handled correctly
[Corion]: choroba: Yeah, I think that would be the good solution
[LanX]: I suspect the first string which comes from the DB ...
[LanX]: ... but this part is already in production for a year now
[Corion]: LanX: The "good" approach here would be to use the appropriate DBI parameters to make the driver decode strings properly. But that will have a ripple-on effect of messing up all the places where manual decoding happens ;)
[LanX]: which means albeit being broken UTF8 it'll be handled correctly
[LanX]: and the problem only occurs since we changed the emails to base64

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