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These nodes all have stuff by ishamael (showing 1-10 out of ~10?):

Node ID Writeup Created
18036 RE: Disadvantages of Perl? 2000-06-14 07:08
16230 RE: Re: Trying to make a search 2000-06-04 02:02
9580 RE: Full Size version forwarder :) 2000-04-28 17:43
9248 RE: File Locking 2000-04-26 19:22
8374 RE: More About Perl/Tk 2000-04-21 18:14
8256 Re: Removing characters 2000-04-20 23:43
7777 Config file parser 2000-04-17 00:54
7560 Re: Why can't I install the DBI module? 2000-04-14 02:18
6173 Re: Use of Modules 2000-03-26 06:59
5792 RE: Re: Tk and -w 2000-03-21 16:22
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[choroba]: what do you mean by multiline?
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