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These nodes all have stuff by jima (showing 1-18 out of ~18?):

Node ID Writeup Created
640852 Shuttle Puzzle solver 2007-09-25 02:10
628729 phoon - show the phase of the moon 2007-07-25 17:01
166855 Re: Re: This may be more of a math question 2002-05-15 21:55
103951 Re: Just Cant Win 2001-08-10 21:02
92069 Re: What's like $+ but not gives the ordinal? 2001-06-28 01:27
91684 The Japh programming language 2001-06-26 21:46
56254 Re: Wesley Willis praises Larry Wall 2001-02-04 02:31
53714 Re: Camel code T-Shirt 2001-01-23 20:29
48430 Re: Code that writes code 2000-12-27 19:43
46831 Re: How to make warnings disappear 2000-12-15 20:03
45629 Re: Re: 2000-12-08 02:26
45592 2000-12-07 23:45
45276 Re: camel code (SPOILERS!) 2000-12-06 22:56
41339 RE: Re: Still problems with recursive coding. 2000-11-13 20:32
41318 Obfuscated mailing list footer 2000-11-13 19:24
38835 ObJAPH 2000-10-27 19:38
38381 RE: Halloween Perl Costume 2000-10-25 19:08
34658 Re: Determining the distance from one zip code to another 2000-09-29 22:09
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[choroba]: I don't think they're multiple people. I was told "he or she" sounds old-fashioned and "they" is the way to say it
[pryrt]: Those others were definitely offensive or unequivocably rude, I agree.
[choroba]: (well, it comes from the 14th century, so labelling it as "modern" doesn't seem appropriate)
[Your Mother]: "They" is becoming accepted but it irritates me sometimes. I tend to just pick she or he randomly or try to use "one."
LanX thinks it is appropriate here :)
[Your Mother]: They would think so.
[jdporter]: ok, I need a recipe for piping lines "through" an external program which is itself a filter
[jdporter]: without using a tmp file
[1nickt]: tobyink perl -MTypes::Standard= is_Int -Mstrict -wE 'say 1 if is_Int 1.0'
[jdporter]: so that I can use the existing expand unix util. Otherwise, I'll probably use Text::Tabs.

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