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Node ID Writeup Created
739527 Re: How to replace greedy alternation? 2009-01-28 12:36
84365 Re: How do I add a new Unix user? 2001-05-31 00:21
81456 Re: Re: Boolean logic with IP addresses 2001-05-18 13:31
77949 Re: Perl - Read a file on another server 2001-05-04 17:43
76986 whoson (which of my friends are logged in?) 2001-05-01 19:01
74319 Re: Re: Re: Voting button 2001-04-21 00:45
73564 Re: ping network 2001-04-18 20:37
72149 Re: How do I get two-way io access on a file? 2001-04-12 23:05
72035 Re: "Newest Nodes": suggestion for feature addition -- why must all newest nodes be hidden? 2001-04-12 16:47
72023 Re: Re: Re: stream parsing an mbox file 2001-04-12 15:41
72013 Re: stream parsing an mbox file 2001-04-12 15:02
71784 Re: Anything comparable to argv0 from C in Perl? 2001-04-11 22:10
71384 Re: Reduce from 2 to 0.1. 2001-04-10 19:43
62532 Re: comparing strigns 2001-03-06 22:24
62478 Re: Re: Re: Re: Executing independet commands in PERL 2001-03-06 17:03
62155 Re: Re: Executing independet commands in PERL 2001-03-05 04:25
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[Corion]: Meh. I need to find myself a better "programming" feed than r/programming (which is just HackerNews reposts and advertisements, very little code). Maybe I should select a list of links that I liked on r/programming and then google for ...
[Corion]: ... an aggregator site that also listed (ideally) all of these links once. And maybe also have an exclude list to blacklist some of the most spammy links that the site may have never mentioned at all
[marto]: I gave up reading HN at all, and feel much better for it :P
[Corion]: Now, how to best automate that Google search ... :-)
[Corion]: marto: Yeah, I'm also short of not reading it at all. I already stopped reading it in the morning because it gave me a foul mood.
[Corion]: The good posts on HN are the non-computing posts. Most of the other stuff is maybe relevant to you if you are 20 and live in Silicon Valley...
[Corion]: Two attributes that don't describe me.
[Corion]: Maybe I should also write a curator for HN or simply not read it anymore, like you do.

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