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Node ID Writeup Created
894636 Re: using features in a Safe compartment 2011-03-21 23:21
766259 Re^2: Cross platform location for SQLite databases? 2009-05-26 17:26
766257 Re: num keys of the hash within hash? 2009-05-26 17:09
766252 Cross platform location for SQLite databases? 2009-05-26 16:36
461361 Re: Creating files on a server 2005-05-28 16:05
461175 Win32::API and enumerating functions. 2005-05-27 17:33
410019 Poor man's mod_perl 2.0 and SSO 2004-11-23 23:43
223454 tr/// vs s/// The question. 2002-12-31 20:45
148457 Net::FTP Help 2002-03-01 02:43
132322 Hashes and File searches 2001-12-16 12:26
114736 CGI and Submit 2001-09-26 07:37
109962 using qx{} 2001-09-04 03:23
81664 Re: Re: Votes 2001-05-19 03:39
81618 Re: Why I hate Perl (discussion) 2001-05-19 00:32
81610 Votes 2001-05-19 00:16
80800 Re: Tribute 2001-05-16 07:55
80783 Re: Re: Perl ISP management. 2001-05-16 05:33
80759 Re: Re: Re: The Perl Couple 2001-05-16 04:21
80757 Perl ISP management. 2001-05-16 04:13
80087 Re: Perl Following 2001-05-13 22:58
79791 Re: The Perl Couple 2001-05-11 22:00
79618 Poem from my home node. 2001-05-11 05:11
75174 Re: Licensing and Rape-Proofing your ideals. 2001-04-24 22:26
69939 Re: R0z3z 4r3 R3d 2001-04-05 03:24
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[Corion]: I think I should define a set of (say) five projects through which I rotate from time to time, just to prevent myself from being bored/annoyed by the problems they get stuck in ;)
[marto]: Corion, not bringing the kids would make it ideal :P
[marto]: a suggestion, have one project in the list that isn't programming/perl related
[Corion]: marto: Yeah, things are more parent-friendly the way they are ;))
[marto]: some hardware/makey thing
[Corion]: marto: Ah, I'm currently drifting to that again, over"painting" (well with Inkscape) one of my photographs and thinking about vectorizing some other images ...
[marto]: Corion, yes something 'artistic', so that or some music. Even combine some things, build a musical instrument :)
[Corion]: marto: Naah, I'm avoiding that rabbit hole ;) Sometimes I think of using Perl to create MIDI to generate music, or at least the harmonies to which I could jam, but then that would eat even more into available time ;-))

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