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These nodes all have stuff by pwhysall (showing 1-17 out of ~17?):

Node ID Writeup Created
202670 Apparently... 2002-10-03 23:52
61585 Perhaps 2001-03-01 21:19
61568 Thanks 2001-03-01 19:35
61561 As usual 2001-03-01 19:15
61555 A further thought, and a correction. 2001-03-01 19:03
61554 Recursive directory scanning 2001-03-01 18:57
61087 Re: Array Silliness 2001-02-27 20:14
61079 Array Silliness 2001-02-27 20:01
59674 That's one small step for a pwhysall... 2001-02-20 19:42
58892 Whoops. 2001-02-16 21:08
58890 Wow. 2001-02-16 20:59
58882 Wow. 2001-02-16 20:42
58866 Thanks 2001-02-16 19:44
58854 List of groups on Win32 2001-02-16 17:29
20595 Many, many thanks 2000-06-30 18:21
20565 Turning a datafile into a data structure 2000-06-30 12:47
6223 RE: NT Ninja Vanish 2000-03-27 12:09
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[Discipulus]: choroba if let your company to hire Tanktalus and marioroy ... what a big fishing!
[Discipulus]: i choice prague!!
[choroba]: 1200 years is enough :-)
[marioroy]: Lady_Aleena my $ans = qx! find . -name "*.pl" -exec ls -l {} \\; !;
[Tanktalus]: My basic problem right now is that if I were willing to move, I could be back in Toronto with a pay raise. We have a number of reasons for not wanting to do that.
[marioroy]: I had to backslash the backslash inside qx.
[Tanktalus]: marioroy++ # nice catch
[Lady_Aleena]: marioroy, that makes kinda makes sense.
[Discipulus]: yes i can survive also in younger town.. but when i passed i saw many strange letters..
[Lady_Aleena]: marioroy, sorry, I am not making sense right now.

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