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194267 Re: Re: Re: execute script on remote server 2002-08-30 22:17
187353 Re: Re: Re: Cookies problem 2002-08-03 16:53
187291 Re: Cookies problem 2002-08-03 04:08
187201 Re: The cmd sent to the remote telnet will not run 2002-08-02 20:07
187134 Re: Unstickying CGI 2002-08-02 15:50
186017 Re: Re: Use modules or roll your own? 2002-07-29 16:22
185808 Re: Re: Multiple Cookies with CGI::Application 2002-07-28 05:00
185801 Re: Re: Multiple Cookies with CGI::Application 2002-07-28 03:16
185798 Re: Multiple Cookies with CGI::Application 2002-07-28 03:05
185362 Re: woes with multipart attachments 2002-07-25 21:53
185084 Re: How do you deal with HTML in Perl? 2002-07-25 01:22
184720 Re: Re: Input arrays to CGI 2002-07-24 07:24
184718 Re: Input arrays to CGI 2002-07-24 07:03
183965 RMP-file music downloader (,, etc) 2002-07-22 07:32
183457 Re: Re: Re: CGI file upload - endless loop?? 2002-07-19 21:07
182896 Re: Help understanding this script 2002-07-18 16:31
182683 Re: Name Space 2002-07-18 02:25
182674 Re: CGI file upload - endless loop?? 2002-07-18 01:26
182206 Re: GOTO considered (a necessary) evil? 2002-07-16 19:20
181853 Re: exec cgi problem 2002-07-15 16:52
181413 Re: Perl DBI MS SQL Question 2002-07-12 22:33
181227 filename fixerupper 2002-07-12 07:49
180857 Re: DBI Install 2002-07-10 20:36
180258 Re: Inserting values into MS Access sub tables 2002-07-08 18:23
179769 Re: Re: How to hire without technical knowledge 2002-07-06 00:26
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[Corion]: Hmm - is anybody aware of a "protocol-only" HTTP module? I'd like to teach Prima non-blocking HTTP ideally without using threads, but that means reimplementing/ rewriting something like HTTP::Tiny (except asynchronous) or AnyEvent::HTTP
[Corion]: Ideally, the HTTP state machine but with a way to feed it HTTP data whenever I get it instead of it actively doing stuff.
[Corion]: Now that I talk about this, maybe Net::Inspect::L7:: HTTP would be the right kind of thing for the responses at least.

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