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1179142 Re^2: how to improve: use MODULE VERSION LIST 2017-01-07 19:29
1179138 Re^2: how to improve: use MODULE VERSION LIST 2017-01-07 19:03
1179107 how to improve: use MODULE VERSION LIST 2017-01-07 00:49
1160177 How to read the ~/.cpan/Metadata file 2016-04-12 02:25
999194 Re: Array size issue 2012-10-15 22:25
994476 Corruption between Net::SSH::Perl and Net::Telnet 2012-09-19 15:53
942845 Re^2: reverse engineer a filehandle 2011-12-10 18:07
942740 reverse engineer a filehandle 2011-12-09 22:29
897384 Re: how to control/redirect print() 2011-04-04 18:43
897133 how to control/redirect print() 2011-04-03 00:52
822672 Re^4: scraping temperatures 2010-02-11 15:47
822275 Re^2: Perl OO best practice? 2010-02-09 20:25
822269 Re^2: Perl OO best practice? 2010-02-09 20:08
822268 Re^2: Perl OO best practice? 2010-02-09 20:07
822070 Perl OO best practice? 2010-02-08 20:05
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[marto]: the ticketing system does not accept calls via email, nor has it a working API. It's tied into Active Directory for authentication and the Solaris boxes aren't on that domain
[Corion]: The one thing I haven't figured out a solution to is how to get an edge-trigger instead of sending an email every 5 minutes if the usage is above 90%. I want one mail when it goes over 90% but no more emails as long as it stays between 90% and 95%.
[Corion]: marto: Clever! ;)
[Corion]: You can only reach me by pager
[Corion]: Maybe the solution would be to launch a cron job every minute that takes two measurements a minute apart and sends a mail if the usage is below on the first and above threshold on the last measurement
[marto]: that's essentially it :)
[marto]: I think the long term solution would be to have sysadmins that do their job, so I don't have to do everything :P
[marto]: they already have an entire BMC patrol system, which they disabled, because it was sending out spurious messages. So rather than fix the issue, or even find out what it was, they turned it off. No messages, can't be any problems, right?
[Corion]: marto: But having open tickets / incidents increases the pressure on them ;) Of course, likely your contract / SLA specifies an upper limit for the number of incidents :-D
[Corion]: marto: Ow ...

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