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These nodes all have stuff by snapdragon (showing 1-18 out of ~21?):

Node ID Writeup Created
250869 MRTG tool 2003-04-16 12:39
246596 DB persistance in win32 2003-03-29 09:43
160467 Re: On Hubris 2002-04-19 09:14
160234 SQL parser from fragments 2002-04-18 15:47
151974 Seperating content and presentation on websites - any views on Apache::PageKit? 2002-03-15 13:21
150716 Re: CGI (Perl) vs JSP 2002-03-10 14:35
145146 Re: Re: Re: Listing files 2002-02-13 12:36
141481 Re: diaries useful 2002-01-25 16:30
137711 Re: killing process...or limiting it's cpu time 2002-01-10 15:59
131612 Re: Little things ;) 2001-12-13 17:48
130415 Re: Fast CGI or mod_perl 2001-12-08 18:53
128378 Re: Best Performance 2001-11-29 19:49
126270 Re: One more perl programmer's take on Ruby (discussion) 2001-11-19 18:40
124814 Re: Name Space 2001-11-12 16:46
80174 Re: Silliness 2001-05-14 14:15
73470 Clear out old files in a directory 2001-04-18 15:04
73454 Re: Why can't I install the DBI module? 2001-04-18 12:51
70433 Re: Basic CGI 2001-04-06 12:54
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[stevieb]: 16.96 hours of runtime of a Raspberry Pi on a 12v, 7.2Ah battery :) Now to watch now long it takes to recharge the battery completely with my 18v solar cells in the sun :)
[stevieb]: my high-range estimate was 18 hours
[stevieb]: battery was at about 95% capacity when the test began
[stevieb]: in the meantime while it was on battery, I got my shift register issues fixed, as well as certain interrupt issues

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