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Re^2: Regexp Creation

by artist (Parson)
on Jan 25, 2008 at 19:12 UTC ( #664340=note: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Regexp Creation
in thread Regexp Creation

Yes, exactly. You have put very nicely in words.

I have few more ways in mind. Based on the guess, it can generate set of numbers that matches the conditions. Example: (1122:2:1) can give the set: x112,1x12,12x2,122x. Later on I can combine the sets( cross product) to see, which combination works good ( instead of generating a possibly complex regexp)

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Re^3: Regexp Creation
by Not_a_Number (Parson) on Jan 25, 2008 at 20:19 UTC
    (1122:2:1) can give the set: x112,1x12,12x2,122x

    There you have me totally confused. Take the second element from your set, 1x12. The two digits in their correct positions must be the first and last, no? So that means that the 1 in third position must exist in the target string, but at a different position than in the "guess" string.

    Do you see the problem yet?

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