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Re: problem in XML parsing

by hipowls (Curate)
on Mar 22, 2008 at 03:53 UTC ( #675580=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to problem in XML parsing

There are lots of modules on CPAN that parse XML. You really don't want to do it yourself except as as a learning exercise. And then you will use a module from CPAN;)

When dealing with data structures it is very helpful to print the data you are working with. I've use YAML others use Data::Dumper, either is fine.

Update: I've changed the code below in light of ikegami's comments.

This is one approach using XML::Simple

#!/net/perl/5.10.0/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use YAML; use XML::Simple; my $teams = XMLin( do { local $/; <DATA> }, ForceArray => [qw( football_team Player )], ); print Dump $teams; foreach my $team ( @{ $teams->{football_team} } ) { print "$team->{Name}\n"; foreach my $player ( @{ $team->{Players}{Player} } ) { print " $player->{ForeName} $player->{LastName}\n"; } } __DATA__
<football_teams> <football_team> <Name>ONE</Name> <DateCreated> <Year>1990</Year> <Month>12</Month> <Day>04</Day> </DateCreated> <Players> <Player> <LastName>Wonguso</LastName> <ForeName>Jimm</ForeName> <Initials>JW</Initials> </Player> <Player> <LastName>Fearless</LastName> <ForeName>A</ForeName> <Initials>AF</Initials> </Player> </Players> <Hometown>New York</Hometown> </football_team> <football_team> <Name>TWO</Name> <DateCreated> <Year>1978</Year> <Month>9</Month> <Day>23</Day> </DateCreated> <Players> <Player> <LastName>Pedro</LastName> <ForeName>Therry</ForeName> <Initials>TP</Initials> </Player> <Player> <LastName>Haywardis</LastName> <ForeName>Richie</ForeName> <Initials>RH</Initials> </Player> <Player> <LastName>Eswa</LastName> <ForeName>Jeyan</ForeName> <Initials>JE</Initials> </Player> <Player> <LastName>Leongus</LastName> <ForeName>John</ForeName> <Initials>JL</Initials> </Player> <Player> <LastName>Bentson</LastName> <ForeName>Billie</ForeName> <Initials>BB</Initials> </Player> </Players> <Hometown>California</Hometown> </football_team> </football_teams>
which produces
--- football_team: - DateCreated: Day: 04 Month: 12 Year: 1990 Hometown: New York Name: ONE Players: Player: - ForeName: Jimm Initials: JW LastName: Wonguso - ForeName: A Initials: AF LastName: Fearless - DateCreated: Day: 23 Month: 9 Year: 1978 Hometown: California Name: TWO Players: Player: - ForeName: Therry Initials: TP LastName: Pedro - ForeName: Richie Initials: RH LastName: Haywardis - ForeName: Jeyan Initials: JE LastName: Eswa - ForeName: John Initials: JL LastName: Leongus - ForeName: Billie Initials: BB LastName: Bentson ONE Jimm Wonguso A Fearless TWO Therry Pedro Richie Haywardis Jeyan Eswa John Leongus Billie Bentson

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Re^2: problem in XML parsing
by ikegami (Pope) on Mar 22, 2008 at 05:29 UTC

    I don't like XML::Simple. Remove a team from the sample data and you get

    Not an ARRAY reference at line 16.

    Remove a player from ONE and you'll get

    ONE Not an ARRAY reference at line 18.

    The call to XMLin for this schema should be *at least*

    my $teams = XMLin( $xml_text, ForceArray => [qw( football_team Player )], );

    And then there's ForceContent.

    XML::Simple is deceptively complex to use because it returns data in an unpredictable format, forcing you to use ref all over the place or to specify arguments to tell it what it already knows but chooses to destroy. All that because XML::Simple assumes attributes and elements are interchangeable. (Are they ever?)

      Thanks for pointing out the potential problem with my code, I've updated the original post.

      I agree that XML::Simple isn't simple but at some point you have to provide a mapping between XML and perl data structures and nothing is truly simple. For reading XML without attributes it is good enough, though you do need to be aware of the traps (but that's what the man page and perlmonks are for;).

      For "real" XML processing I'd look elsewhere but this wasn't that question and then I'd be far more likely to seek advice than offer it.

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