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Re: hashes in regexes

by merlyn (Sage)
on Mar 29, 2001 at 01:26 UTC ( #67959=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to hashes in regexes

untested, but I often get this stuff right on the first try: {grin}
my $regex = join "|", map quotemeta, keys %substitute_hash; $regex = qr/$regex/; # compile ... $string =~ s/($regex)/$substitute_hash{$1}/g;

-- Randal L. Schwartz, Perl hacker

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Re (tilly) 2: hashes in regexes
by tilly (Archbishop) on Mar 29, 2001 at 19:32 UTC
    You might want to throw in a reverse sort there. It was not in the spec, but it may happen that someone will want to do one substitution on "foo" and another on "foobar". Since Perl's REs are DFAs rather than NFAs this is not going to work unless in the RE you see foobar before foo.,,

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