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Answer: How can I write and call subroutines in separate files?

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Q&A > subroutines > How can I write and call subroutines in separate files? - Answer contributed by cLive ;-)

If you're using strict, you need to declare the package name as well (and it's probably best to if your code's big enough to suggest splitting :)
# file one use File2; File2::setup(); main(); # or ::main() (this package) or main::main() very specific # "default" package name for main script (the one requiring other file +s) is 'main' # print var foo from package File2 print $File2::foo . "\n"; sub main { print "I am in the main subroutine.\n"; } # file 2 package File2; sub setup { print "Setting up.\n"; } $::foo = 'bar'; # or define explicitely $File2::foo = 'bar'; 1; # use'd files have to return true!

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