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Answer: Double quotes within double quotes

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Q&A > regular expressions > How can I find nested delimiters? contributed by little_mistress

I'm starting to get a little timid about posting on this site but im going to anyway
here goes

One thing to remeber about regular expressions in perl are that the charactors "*" and "+" are "greedy". In other words they will gobble up all the charactors they possibly can befor they fail. Hence the "*?" and "+?" constructions that make them "non-greedy" or rather they stop gobbling up charactors as soon as they make a match. so here is where greedy regular expressions come in handy

$text = "QUERY = \"SOME QUERY WITH \"\" (DOUBLE QUOTES)\" YEEHA"; $text =~ m/^(.*)"+\s(\w+)$/g; print "dollar one =$1\n\ndollar two = $2\n\n"; # $1 == QUERY = "SOME QUERY WITH "" (DOUBLE QUOTES) # $2 == YEEHA

Hope that helped

Just for fun try it like this and see what you get"

$text =~ m/^(.*)?"+\s(\w+)?$/g;

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